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Focusing on what actually helps your company instead of hinder its growth is an extremely hard task, but ultimately that task which will allow your company to succeed. Now I am not talking about success in the form where you are just padding your pockets. Success in my mind is changing peoples lives. Not only my employees lives, but the lives of the customers we build and re-build for.

So how do I focus on what really matters in the company? First, I select and place my employees in the position they are trained for and gifted in. Second and the most difficult, releasing yourself from doing their job.

Selecting the right employees:
1. Energy- Select Individuals that increase your energy not decrease your will to live. It is not a secret that some personalities connect, and others clash. Team building is about not only learning how to work together, but placing people together that can work together.

2. Passion- Do the people you work with have a passion for what they are doing? This shows not only at work, but to those we are working for and with.

3. Talent- Have you ever worked with someone that had the first two but not the last. It can be difficult to have a draftsmen on the team that has no ability to draft. Either place these individuals in another aspect of the business, or do the right thing and let them get on with life.

4. Experience- Now this category in my mind is not a must, but it can help especially in a leadership position.

5. Teachable- Probably the most important trait in becoming a true leader, a desire to learn.

Releasing yourself from doing their job:

1. Correct placement = Correct Results.

2. Releasing is not forgetting, instituting benchmarks and incentives can be great motivators and progress aids.

3. Continuing training is everything. Seeing outside everyones expertise and heading in new directions is completely necessary.

Do your job. Paint a picture of a target so that first and foremost there is a destination. Then select the arrows which you will put in place so that the bullseye is the most dangerous place to dally in front of.

There are so many things to write about, I apologize if I have been jumping around.

I need to focus 🙂



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