Developing Passion

Quick question, why can’t construction be a field similar to that of any art? One filled with passion. I have heard that in other areas of the world, construction workers (or artisans as they might be called) are appreciated more in their community. Now it is easy to cast the blame on the consumer. But the real blame I believe should be on us, the lowly construction worker.

In the media, what are we know for, well cat calls and staring at women! Or else we are mindless hot hunks. People feel that we would steal from them, cheat them, and perhaps the worst, people feel we are uneducated. Well guess what, on the whole we are.

Contractors sometimes believe they are above blame in this issue. “At least I am not like that.” I believe this passive nature is what brought us to the place we are in today. There are many things we can do as individuals and as a group. What about demanding professionalism in our workforce. Better yet, what about educating those that work for and with us.

What does this mean? Initially it means time and money are out of pocket. But the good news is that I believe this stigma is reversible. In the long run, if we campaign, if we teach, and if we set a higher standard, the benefits will far out way the costs. Let us as business professionals set a standard and pull together and make something of what we have been given.



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