Better Business

In business, there is no need to compete with mediocrity, there will always be an abundance of that. Good business, the business I want to be in is the business of magnificence.

I have always believed that the way to a successful business is do what everyone else is doing but better. That is true, but I am wanting to go a step beyond that.

To those filled with fear that they won’t be able to get cheap and meaningless work if everyone focuses on magnificence.
Mediocrity in the construction field is a pandemic. We will not be rid of that anytime soon. Your fears are safe.

For the rest of us, what is that step beyond? Am I perfect? Is magnificence perfect? I do not think that magnificence has to be perfect, but it must be pointed towards that direction. Not arriving, but the journey towards. So perhaps the step beyond is just that, one step ahead of us.
We must remember that if we are not moving forward, we are moving backwards. So the drift is either upstream or down. Its easy to be mediocre, incredibly difficult to be the other.

Magnificence is not multi million dollar homes, although it could be. Magnificence is doing what is right, not only in building standards, but in dealing with the customer. Contracting is very much like a dance.
If we lead, and we should, the dance can be beautiful. This can happen changing out light bulbs, or restoring Victorian homes.

So this is my call, for you and me. Lets lead our team, and our subs into excellence. Always striving.



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