Construction Franchise?


How does one survive in the residential construction industry?

It seems that at times the odds are stacked against us. On one side you must be master of all. On the other, infinitely personable. Compound those necessary attributes and throw in a people-pleaser mentality (which is what I own) and what you have is a mission, not a business.

These qualities are not necessarily deal breakers in making a profit. To survive, I most pro-actively develop a system that says no when I cannot. Or else says yes, but here are the conditions. In order to protect not only myself, but my business these hurdles must be in place.

This comes to the stage when I ask a question. If government wants small businesses to succeed, why don’t they offer franchise type knowledge to the small business owner. Now I know every business is different, but at least start somewhere.

For example in my field of residential construction: Offering a proven method of doing contracting where it is simply plug and play.

  • Plug in contacts, resources, staff, and receive a method of doing business.
  • What to approach a prospective client with.
  • How to invoice, track expenses, branding, etc.

The possibility is endless. No business should stand on the knowledge and charisma of one person. It instead should stand on ideals and methods that work.

Instead of learning everything the hard way I wish someone would hand out a packet of best practices.
If anyone knows the construction field, these are not the easiest things to come by. What is the best practice in accounting and relaying information to the client? What is the most proven way of managing a job. What is expected of each and every sub. Cleanliness routines, training sessions, professional attire.

In the private sector, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Harley Davidson have learned how to do business and their model can easily be copied. Just plug and play.

Like I said earlier, if the government is really concerned with small business succeeding, I think this is one great way to start. Not just by handing money to someone who is a good technician and saying see ya, but investing in models that will work.

So what is my plan? I do want to come up with a residential contractors way of doing business. A franchise so to speak. Something that makes sense to people like me, entrepreneurs who need to be managers and leaders. A place where someone who is interested in making a difference in their field can join and collectively succeed.

Who knows, maybe this already exists. Please share the information if one does exist. I heartily await your advice. I will start posting what I have in the next few months.



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