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Leaky Faucet

So I have a leaking faucet.  This faucet so happens to be my tub faucet and last night I decided to measure how much water was actually leaking.  I put a 4 cup measuring tool under the faucet and closed the stopper.  Just as a reference, the faucet is dripping just faster than once a […]

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Build Star for Estimates

Have you ever gone to get a bid from a contractor only to realize you get something scribbled down with pencil and paper? As a general contractor that gets called to jobs ranging from counter tops, to historical remodels, I need a strong program to not only help estimate the cost of the project, but […]

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Working in Bad Weather

During December in Nashville, we had several weeks of rain during framing of a large project we are working on. Instead of holding off the project until better weather came, I realized that working under adverse conditions takes thinking outside of the box. Here is how we dealt with the situation on a recent job […]

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