Working in Bad Weather


During December in Nashville, we had several weeks of rain during framing of a large project we are working on. Instead of holding off the project until better weather came, I realized that working
under adverse conditions takes thinking outside of the box.

Here is how we dealt with the situation on a recent job site:

We placed a 40 X 60 tarp above our work area and placed enough framing
to give the tarp slope that kept everyone working on the inside.

Now I know our brethren in the west, mainly Oregon and Washington are familiar with protecting a job site
in this way, but for those of us in dryer areas, typically work will
stop until dry times come.
For us though, keeping to schedule, and
keeping the hopes up of our clients is much higher importance than
working under a tarp. We were able to build the walls, the ceiling
structure and almost the entire roof in this manner. If you raise the
tarp high enough you could even sheet the roof.

The main idea
behind these concepts is to keep work happening. Finding ways to excell even in the face of adversity is something that will help you
succeed. Remaining
positive, be open for change, and surround yourself with people that
think outside the box.

There is always more than one way to achieve something, are you thinking
outside the box in the face of adverse conditions?



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