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More than knowledge!

I want to bring special attention to a Herculine effort on the part of our crew.   This inner circle of our team shows that they have much more than just knowledge, they have a passion for what we do. If you live in Middle Tennessee, you know we have had major rain this week. […]

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The price of an ugly work truck!

I have been known in the past to drive a clunker or two. For me there was always a vision of what it could be. Here are ten things I have learned about ugly work trucks. 1. They usually leak oil and break down on your job site! 2. They carry equally well dressed passengers! […]

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How to set a yard sign!

Setting a sign in the yard does not require a post hole digger.  Blocks, rebar, and an open leg sign is all you need.  Our signs usually need adjusted once or twice during a project due to this design.  But filling the holes afterward is eliminated completly. This video isn’t just about placing a sign […]

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Oscillating Tool Review

The oscillating tool is the secret weapon in your arsenal.  No it doesn’t replace random orbital sanders, sawzalls, or skilsaws, or jigsaws.  But like any secret weapon, the oscillator is the go to tool when precision and guaranteed outcome is needed. The oscillating tool is the scalpel of our industry.  Trim, sand, cut, chisel, scrape […]

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Frathouse Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a frathouse bathroom can have its intricacies. Overall this two week project was a real sucess.  Although the cabinet was built in the month prior to actual demo, all of the onsite work took place over two weeks. Here was the process. July Construct the Cabinet. August 3 Demo Bathroom, Rough Plumbing in Floors, […]

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