Frathouse Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a frathouse bathroom can have its intricacies. Overall this two week project was a real sucess.  Although the cabinet was built in the month prior to actual demo, all of the onsite work took place over two weeks. Here was the process.

July Construct the Cabinet.

August 3 Demo Bathroom, Rough Plumbing in Floors, Reframe Floor,

August 4 Frame Walls, Tile Floor

August 5 Set Cabinet, Rough Plumbing

August 6 Tile Walls and Shower Begin

August 7 Electrical Rough In Walls, Tile Continues

August 10 Paint Starts in Adjacent Bedroom, Tile Continues

August 11 Work to Rebuild Windows, Paint and Tile Countinue

August 12  Countertop and Sinks Set, Cabinet Finished

August 13 Trim, Finish Plumbing

Aug 14 Bathroom Paint and Electrical Finish.  Shower Door and Mirrors Hung

Aug 15 Touch Up Paint and Students Move In

So there were hurdles. We had a countertop fabrication problem and floor framing that was rotted more than we thought.    The thanks needs to go out to my crew on the job, Eric Smith and Jeff Krappitz who not only worked extremely well on the job, but did so with pride.  From working late on Monday reframing the floor for tile on Tuesday, to the final cleanup the next week, the right team makes all the difference.  Thanks guys!



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