The price of an ugly work truck!

Ugly work truck

Ugly work truck

I have been known in the past to drive a clunker or two. For me there was always a vision of what it could be. Here are ten things I have learned about ugly work trucks.

1. They usually leak oil and break down on your job site!

2. They carry equally well dressed passengers!

3. There main strength is bringing a smile to your face!

4. They don’t realize that you would happily pay for a nicer image!

5. Even if the owner of the truck is a hard working, intelligent person, you can’t see that past the truck.

6. Writing in paintbrush on the side of your truck doesn’t mean good advertising.

7. Don’t expect detail in the work performed.

8. Your jobsite tools fit great in their trailer

9. They don’t follow good directions.

10. It weakens you because you don’t demand excellence.

Excellence doesn’t have to be expensive. Clean, not scrawled on trucks of any age can be appealing. I drove around a 79 Jeep J10 for a few years. The problem with that though is clients don’t appreciate how classic your vehicle is. My advice, to the best of your ability, find the most qualified work truck that fits into your budget as main stream as possible. Let your work and skill stick out, not your trucks image.

I drive a 2003 F-350 seen here. The beauty is, you get a nicer truck, and you get paid more to have it. Even if that amount is 2 – 3 more dollars an hour, that usually amounts to the cost of a payment. Be inventive, just don’t get hung up on a truck or car you can’t let go of. Humans tend to fall in love with objects. I cherish the memory of my 79 Jeep J-10, but it no longer parks in front of my image when I walk to a new clients door!



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  1. Sam Sterk September 9, 2009 at 1:23 PM #

    I must say that I greatly miss the J10…although your F-350 is very impressive!

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