More than knowledge!

Finger TeamworkI want to bring special attention to a Herculine effort on the part of our crew.   This inner circle of our team shows that they have much more than just knowledge, they have a passion for what we do.

If you live in Middle Tennessee, you know we have had major rain this week.  So much rain that it is easy to justify staying home.  We are currently running two projects, one a small basement bathroom install for a repeat client of ours (West), and kitchen remodel addition (Fields/Newton) . Friday night about 8:30 I received a call from Fields/Newton letting me know that the side door was not locking and that there was rain water accumulating in the unfinished basement.  Now to set the scene, Tuesday we excavated and placed footers, Wed and Thur we laid block.  All of this in between bouts of rain.  Our goal is to have them back in by Thanksgiving, so keeping time is of importance.

I myself am in Kentucky camping so the first thing I did was call Eric (project manager) and Jeff  (carpenter) to see where they were.   Unbelievably on Friday night at 8:30 they were just heading home after working through some kinks at the West project.  I got ahold of Jeff and he volunteered to turn around and head to Sylvan Park.  Eric called shortly after, he was having dinner with West, and said he was heading over there too.  I touched base about 10:30 and they had solved the problems and were chatting with our clients.

Jeff and Eric get it.  They had been working since 6:30 A.M. and still had the desire to make sure things were right.  What they get doesn’t have anything to do with working a 16hr day, it has everything to do with why we are here.  Not only is the quality of a project necessary, but the client experiences is of equal importance.

I have always dreamed of construction being an experience you can’t wait to be a part of.  Skilled artisans, well thought out plans, impeccable design (thanks to Mary)  and clients willing to enjoy the process.  I see that dream becoming a reality on weeks such as this.  When our inner team steps up and is willing to help build that goal.

For those of us in the building industry, don’t settle for what you can get away with.  Embrace quality construction and thoughtful planning.  Allow the client on your team. Most importantly tell the story of your entire team, from accounting (Thanks Kurt) to cabinetmaking. (Thanks Chris Barber).

For clients, you can be a part of this too.  Allow construction to be an art.  There are men and women working harder than they should be striving to make your home a better place.  Celebrate the wins, laugh at the kinks.  Most importantly join in the experience and become a part of something that matters.

Eric and Jeff, you rock.  Your work this week has been exemplary.


Who do you need to acknowledge for their efforts? Be specific

What are you a part of that matters?



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3 Responses to More than knowledge!

  1. Gail Hyatt September 19, 2009 at 8:05 PM #

    Thanks for this, Chris. Another reason why I’m incredibly proud of you guys.

    I want to acknowlege my landscapers: Claiborne Landscapes (Gary Claiborne owner)
    (615) 799-7979

    Gary and his guys have the same work ethic as you and are constantly going above and beyond the call of duty. They continually exceed my expectations and I’m extremely grateful for all they do.

    • chriscrimmins September 20, 2009 at 6:29 PM #

      That’s perfect Gail. Supporting those teams we believe in is of utmost importance. Thanks for being on our team.

  2. Michael Hyatt September 20, 2009 at 9:12 PM #

    Where were you when we were renovating our house?! Seriously, I am also incredibly proud of you. You are demonstrating tremendous leadership in your character and the way you do business. This will pay HUGE dividends in the years to come.

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