Construction Open House Party

Every time we finish a project I think to myself  “what is the last image the company will be remembered for?”

For most construction companies, the last thing the client remembers is how thankful they are to have that project completed. Usually over time and over budget the positive feelings have long passed.

Since one of the cornerstones of our company is to be on time and on budget, we typically receive great feedback and references at the end of projects. However, many of the subcontractors never receive this praise from the client, nor do they see a finished project.  Also their is the need to celebrate the return or turnover of the home to the client. To remedy these issues we, when possible, throw an open house party. The goals of the party are:

1. Create a positive last image of our company in the mind of the clients

2. Allow friends and family of the client to come by and see the work we’ve accomplished first hand.

3. Invite the subcontractors to see the finished product and be thanked for their hard work.

4. Celebrate our team including project managers and subs.

5. Create a network with other potential clients

Every party we have thrown meets all of these goals and more. We have drinks, listen to music, have a photo slide show of before pictures, a portfolio of our other complete work, and most importantly get to show off a great finished product.  Sure it costs a bit of money, but the value is well worth it.  So go for it, give the gift of a celebration to not only those that work with you, but to those that chose to have your company in their lives!



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