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Moisture and your home!

Here in Middle TN, moisture in your home has been at the top of many homeowners minds due to recent flooding.  Rumors, good and bad advice, and warnings all pertaining to water in a home have been circulating like wild fire. There are three main keys with moisture in a home. One is quick action. […]

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Volunteer Fatigue and You!

When your volunteering your time, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that energy is finite.   Especially in the world of construction where your body is taxed heavily.  Many times the energy output is strong from a few hours, to a few weeks.  There are those who seem to be applying for their angel wings, […]

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Ahhhh, No flood insurance!

For the ones first hearing that your recently flooded home doesn’t have flood insurance, I have the greatest sympathy.  The pit at the bottom of your stomach, the buzzing in your head, the daze is completely normal.  Not much comforting can be said in this time period, the only comfort is company, to have caring people walking […]

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How does flood insurance work?

When flood waters rise, many are caught without knowledge concerning their insurance, and what is covered.  For those who think that they can purchase insurance while the waters are rising, that may be great for the future, but it usually takes 30 days before the policy can be active.  Here is some basic knowledge below. […]

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