Creating a habit of joy in construction!



We all have habits when we come home.  For me, I notice my grass, if my dogs are in the front yard, and if there are packages laying on the side porch.  For a few months, the paint on the side of our house had been scraped and the siding left looking quite bare.   Our painters were busy on other projects and I hadn’t put a priority on getting it done. So during those few months, my habit was to look at the broad side of our house as I drove up to it and shrug.  I was able to rationalize and repress, but my lovely bride was not very happy.  Joy was the last thing on her mind.  If you took a picture of my wife beside our house, I believe her arms would be crossed.

After getting tired of hearing my shoemaker’s jokes, Mary had told me to put it on the top of the list. As I processed our lack of joy in our home over the last few months, I realized that the phrase “be the product of your product” was good medicine.  My father when I was young said it a different way,  “you can’t sell something if you don’t own it yourself”.  Obviously for salesman there is scale to think of here, but I realized that to be an effective contractor,  I needed to treat my home like I would treat my clients home.  It was a strong lesson and one that enabled me to see a habit that had formed.

It’s easy coming home and ignoring clogged gutters, leaking pipes, etc.  For these there is an easy solution, call a handyman! But there are greater ones, lack of bedroom space or closet space.  Kitchens where the drawers don’t operate well, or you have to store all of your appliances on the counters.  Energy efficiency, organization, layout, and beauty are all parts of a home that can steal your joy.

Here is the thing, your home is your castle.  Energy, vision, and beauty should be a part of where we live.  If these are absent, its difficult to cultivate joy.  What we are willing to accept at home has a tendency to be what we accept in our personal and professional lives.  So our homes need to be filled with joy, hope, energy, and peace.

So how do you market that?

First  is to capture a photo, of a client in front or inside their home after your work has been performed exhibiting joy. Now this shouldn’t be contrived, it needs to be authentic.   For example, recently I invited a client to stand in front of their home.  I asked them to think of their home before we worked on it, visualizing the problems.   I then walked them through all of the aspects of their home they don’t have to worry about every again. We reflected on the beauty and the quality of all we had put into their home.  At that point I asked them to give me the outward expression of how they felt and I made a photo.

Second, give the photos a name, I am calling them #joypics and am starting to post them on our Facebook Crimmins Construction Page. Now if the picture you capture doesn’t exhibit joy, perhaps this is an opportunity to discuss what kept them from joy on the project.  Both conversations can be important to you.

Third, Be consistent with capturing these photos, and grow your audience.  The goal here is if people are coming home without joy, and you are marketing by displaying pictures of joyful homeowners, at some point people will want to change their habit.  They will want a habit of joy in their home. Who will give that to them? You of course.

Helping enable joy is changing lives.  That added value in our clients lives will increase our success.  Learn from your clients.  Develop systems to build on joy, and share the habit.

What habits are you forming for your clients?





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