Don’t hydrate with soda!

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Imagine this daily hydration cycle.

You wake up at 5:00 in order to get to the office or job site in time.  You grab coffee, red bull, or other energy drink on your way out the door.  Perhaps you even stop at the convenience store and pick up a few mountain dews or orange pop for the day.  You start working at 7:00 and it’s already 80 degrees.

At 9:30 your hot and sweaty.  You have been carrying plywood up two flights of steps all morning.  Your thirsty, so you reach in your cooler for an orange pop and down it.  The sugar hits your system immediately and gives you a feeling of sustenance and hydration.  You know you are responsible for framing the entire roof system in the next few days, so you eat your second chicken biscuit you purchased at the convenience store in the morning and you get to work.

About 11:30 you stop for lunch.  Once again, hot and sweaty you reach for your third sugar drink of the day.  Man that burst of energy feels good.  You hop in your truck, go get some processed foods that really don’t have any natural water in them, and fill your belly washing it down with the cold dr pepper you purchased with your meal deal.   Back to the job site, you are on a sugar high and felling a little sleepy.  Perhaps the greasy food gave you a feeling of reward for working so hard in the morning.  Being accountable, you get out of your truck and check your cooler for ice.  It’s 95 degrees by now and you want to make sure you have enough drinks for the rest of the day.  You have 1 more gatorade and 1 red pop.  12:00 hits your clock and you get back to work.

At 1:30 you have to stop again to “hydrate.”  You pull out the lone gatorade.  Once again the sugar hits your system and gets you back working.   About 3:00, you take out your last red pop, finish up a few things and clean up.

Man that was a long day.  Your happy that you had enough energy to finish the day, and you go home.  More than likely you collapse, watch T.V., eat something for dinner, hopefully have a glass of water and head to bed.

Who are these strange people that do this? Well it was me, and millions of other hard working men and women that make our country run. Somehow it has become part of our culture, and it must change.  Change must start with you and how you hydrate.  I guarantee if you replace all of those drinks with water and healthy snacks for thirty days, everything will get better. Changing though does require some pre-planning.

In a convenience world where water costs many times more than a coke, it’s seems smart to buy a coke.  Who really wants to buy the warm bottles of water by the front door when you can buy an ice cold coke!

First: Stop going to the convenience store every morning on your way in.  There aren’t any options there to eat healthy and it’s too tempting to eat the fried chicken fingers and drink a mr pibb. Plus you will spend an hour of your wages on crap!

Second: Fill up water bottles, or have bulk water bottle packs at home.  Stock some ice and every morning fill up your cooler with water.  Bring extras because your co-workers will start hitting you up soon.  In fact, have them give you $5 every day for bringing cold ice water.  I just put $20 in your pocket every day!

Make this your plan.  Start today, and reclaim your hydration.  If you are going to drink coffee in the morning, drink a glass of water right alongside of it.  Make that two glasses of water, you will thank me.

To help make it a must, I just want to share a few thoughts.

A sugar drink is not only just empty calories, it’s also a vehicle for chemicals which is the real killer.  Ever wonder why you collapse at night?  Is it just from the work? Or are you severely dehydrated and your body is fighting to process the staggering amount of poisons you drank all day.  Your body doesn’t even have enough water to flush the chemicals out.  Kidney stones any one? If you don’t drink your calories, your energy level will smooth out instead of having massive highs and lows all day.

I love a cane sugar pop or sweet tea once in a while.  I see them now more as a novelty than a hydration method.

So, plan ahead, don’t stop where you will be tempted, and let your co-workers know what you are doing.  It’s the culture we are fighting against, and you can be a leader.

Hydrate the way nature intended, with water and foods that have their natural water in them such as watermelon.  You will have more energy, your belly size will reduce, and you will be able to have energy all day.   Not only that, but you will have $20 more dollars in your pocket every day, which by my calculation adds up to $5200 a year.  Not bad!  Start now, you will change the quality of your life and you will lead those around you.



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