The value of conferences for your team!


In March, Mary (my wife) and I went to a Tony Robbins conference in LA.  All I can say is wow! If I wasn’t on the edge of my seat listening the entire time, I was up laughing and dancing.  For me the energy and the narrowed focus allowed ideas and information to soak in pretty much over night.   For that conference, we went with family and we ultimately had a life altering experience.

So here I am, four months later and I’m back at the same conference, but this time with my management team.  It took some planning to get the entire team away, but I know that the benefits will far outweigh any discomfort from being away.  Here is what I am looking forward to.

1. Setting aside time to nurture my team.  This conference in particular isn’t just about business.  It’s about building into the person.  My brother Nathanael is a cattle rancher.  The last time I was with him, he told me he was more of grass farmer then a cattle rancher.  His focus was on the grass something that gives to the cows.  Now before I start relating my crew to cows, the only similarity is that my crew is my product, the same as the cows are my brother’s product.  The quality of my staff is indeed my concern and it’s time to give them proper nourishment. Finding the right experiences, the right “grass” is my aim.

2. Allowing focused learning.  Sure I could spend all of my time building into myself and then lead by example.  When so much is at stake, I can’t allow that much time to pass.  It’s time to jump in and make it happen.  In most conferences, you may get 10 years of information all in one weekend.  So I could either take 4 days off focus on driving quality ideas and techniques into my crew, or try that over the next 10 years.  You can see the impact difference.

3. A time to cut loose. One of the aspects I love about the Tony Robbins UPW conference is that it’s a party.  How important is it that for your crew to cut loose once in a while. A time to celebrate why we are doing what we are doing.  I can’t think of a better place for that to happen.

So there are a few things I am excited about.  Now is your turn to tell me what you do with your team to focus and give back. So what are your stories?



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