Eating Well as a Contractor


This is the second part of my story on how I changed my health patterns.  The first part about exercising well as a contractor can be read here!

My hope is that you discover from my story that I have not adopted a “diet” to help lose weight I adopted a lifestyle. This pursuit of wellness is about removing the items that were causing pain and poor health, and adding practices that give life and build health. This story is about change. My hope is that you can gain the leverage and recognize that your eating not only affects your weight, but your energy and health as well.

My motto moving forward is this. It’s not in the once in a while that matters, it’s in the everyday. If I choose to deviate once in a while with friends, or just as a reminder of my past, it wont ruin anything. Our body is incredibly resilient. In fact we as humans do all kinds of terrible things to our bodies and we survive.

What if you don’t want to just survive, what is beyond survival?

Let’s look at my old survival meal cycle!

  • Breakfast-Coffee and a bagel. If I was “health” interested I would drink orange juice!
  • Lunch- Spicy Chicken Sandwich and fries with a Coke at Wendys.
  • Dinner-Chicken Fingers or Pizza Vegetables not really.

Here is my current meal cycle!

  • Breakfast-Banana and almond butter or green juice
  • Salad with black beans or chicken
  • Meats and vegetables, sometimes just vegetables.

Here is what you might notice

The absence of whites including sugar: This is probably the largest thing that is helping the fat drop off quickly.  I was storing large amounts of energy in the form of fat, without even needing it.  Furthermore, most modern whites and sugars are laden with preservatives and many things I can’t even pronounce.  The body has to work overtime to process the foreign substances I like to call poisons.

The presence of live foods:  Tony Robbins talks about eating foods with the water they were “born” with.  Greens fruits, and vegetables are all live foods.  These are incredibly healthy for you.

Almost no processed foods: When foods are processed such as lunch meat they can carry the scariest of ingredients and fillers.  Eliminate as many processed foods as possible, and the remainder buy local and do your research.

As I mentioned in the last post, You can’t outrun your fork! If you want to get healthy, you must pay attention to food.   So this takes a certain amount of pre-planning.

Some tips that can help you succeed!

  • Start at home:  Clean out all of the foods you don’t want to eat.  To this day my triggers are still present.  Seeing a box of cookies weakens my self control.  If there were many of these items around, at some point, I would give in consistently.
  • Change your schedule: Incorporate regular eating cycles into your day.  3 meals and a few snacks should do it.  I love raw almonds for snacks, or some fruit.
  • Pre Plan: Yea this is important.  When you go to the store, pick up what you need for the week. I always have bananas at home and a standby restaurant for a salad.
  • Give up the drinkable calories:  Yep you heard it, drop the coke and pick up some water!

This post is not intended to be an authority or manual on clean eating and living.  My hope is that you become a student of this, and part of being a student is to learn.  So learn as much as possible about food and how it affects you.  Develop that leverage for change.

“The strongest force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves. Expand Yourself” I believe this quote came from Tony Robbins.  For years I saw myself as a pack mule, and I ate like one.  The problem is that what I want to accomplish requires me to be an athlete.  Realizing that by redefining who I am, I can help change what I want to do and how I accomplish that.  We are not pack mules, we are agents of change.  Now, what do agents of change eat?

Comment below and tell me what step you are going to make today!



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