I am the owner and General Contractor of Crimmins Construction in Nashville, Tennessee. We are a residential company specializing in historic homes and making clients deliriously happy.

I am a team builder.  I have a passion for not only placing people in the most fitting role, but building into them the necessary skills to thrive.

I am a writer.  My aim is to give hope and change to companies around the world that are ready to create real value in their communities.  Construction is my arena and my test kitchen.

I started my own construction company after many years of working by myself and within toxic companies. Realizing a team is a vital part of success, and wanting to bring people along with me on this journey, in 2005 I started Crimmins Construction.

Since then, we have won three awards from the Nashville Scene’s “Best of Nashville” and have had two projects featured in Nashville’s esteemed Belmont/Hillsboro Historic Tour of Homes.

Thank you for being here and already taking a stance of learning.