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Learning from rejection!

I ran into some clients recently whom I had been working with for a few months on a project of theirs in the planning phase.  We had drawn up a few sketches, and in many ways I felt we had done a good job in connecting.  We hadn’t communicated much over the past few months, […]

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Any house will do!

If you had to build with your knowledge with the materials you would find locally, what would that look like?  Oh yea, you also have no cash. I recently had the pleasure to visit a few countries in the Western Carribean.  Instead of staying close to the tourist routes, my wife and I tried our […]

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Construction Open House Party

Every time we finish a project I think to myself  “what is the last image the company will be remembered for?” For most construction companies, the last thing the client remembers is how thankful they are to have that project completed. Usually over time and over budget the positive feelings have long passed. Since one of […]

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More than knowledge!

I want to bring special attention to a Herculine effort on the part of our crew.   This inner circle of our team shows that they have much more than just knowledge, they have a passion for what we do. If you live in Middle Tennessee, you know we have had major rain this week. […]

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